Aldi Ad Week 11/29/17 through 12/5/17


Another week another ad. I didn’t actually end up going to Aldi last week for the first time in ages. Between avoiding stores due to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, food I had on hand and my husband not feeling well, I didn’t really do any real grocery shop this week. That has to change or we will be eating nothing but scrambled eggs for the rest of the week.

Some nice fresh produce deals this week: Honeycrisp apples for $2.29/2 lb bag (they are normally on the small side so you get a lot of apples per bag), mangos for 59¢, white mushrooms for 59¢ (I do find that even the refrigerated mushrooms don’t always have the best shelf life though so check them out thoroughly), the return of the $1.29 pineapple and only $2.59 for 3 lbs of tiny “cutie” mandarin oranges.

In the meat/seafood vein: Atlantic salmon is now $6.99/lb, Grass-fed 85% lean beef is only $4.29/lb and spiral ham for 99¢/lb. I would hop on that beef sale today if you are interested, the grass-fed stuff goes fast. Also, the hams always have a great date so if you are a Christmas ham eater who has room in the fridge, it might be wise to get it now before it is gone.

Odd frozen item: Italian beef for $15.99/4 lbs. Aren’t Italian beef sandwiches a Chicago thing? Interesting that they appear to be a nation-wide special. I’m almost tempted. Has anyone else tried this?


In the realm of non-food items, poinsettias are $3.49 although they are not for me as they are mildy toxic to dogs and seem like a waste since everyone just tosses them out (when technically you can hold on to them and they will bloom again), some cute fake food is on sale for $5.99, board books for $4.99 and some character toys for $14.99 and under. Some electronic items this week: a $99 Roomba knockoff (not trying it but if you do, let me know how it turns out for you), a $14.99  charging station, and $49.99 Bluetooth cordless headphones. Again, these are Aldi Finds so once they are gone, they are gone!

Personally, I think I am going to get some various varieties of cheese, my usual weekly staples, maybe that tinsel dachshund for $4.99 because why not?, turkey stock, some more butterscotch chips, and mangos. Maybe the apples if I don’t feel like driving up to the farm for Winesaps.


Read the whole ad over at the Aldi site. Check out just this week’s Aldi Finds here.

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