Product Review: Aldi Find Grocery Cart Shopping Bag



I bought the Grocery cart bag ($7.99) that was an Aldi Find earlier in the month. I didn’t get a chance to try it out until yesterday. I was pretty excited to try it but it was a total bust for me.

I liked that it had an insulated section but in practice, the section was pretty small and couldn’t hold a week’s worth of fresh meat (4 small items), milk (a half gallon), 1 container of hummus, a pint of cream and some flat packs of cured meats. It was attached to the top and side of the bag yet not the bottom so my other groceries rolled under it. It would be really easy to “lose” something between the insulated bag and the wall of the bag.

Even only partially filled (thankfully, I had brought other bags!) it was really heavy and awkward to carry. There was no stabilizing, solid bottom to the bag so everything sort of fell to the middle.  I didn’t feel comfortable putting anything breakable like chips or eggs in it lest they get crushed while all of the other items rolled into the middle. The lack of a solid bottom also meant that the weight was all in the middle and vs being evenly distributed along the bottom of the bag which made it really difficult to carry even short distances.

However, the worst part was since the cashiers fill the cart of the person in front of you and don’t pack your bags for you at Aldi, you end up having to install the bag in the cart after check out over your unpacked groceries and awkwardly fill it up. The sides are elasticized so it can fit many sizes of carts but that also means that it has to be clipped to a cart to stay open. After I thought I had packed everything, I lifted it into my car and there were still items in my cart that had rolled under it.

I could see the value if you were shopping at a store that wasn’t Aldi–you could put your groceries in it as you shop and then the cashier/bagger/or even yourself will refill it after check out but you can’t do that at Aldi. I’m surprised by this since not only was it an Aldi Find, they even had Aldi-branded bags. It seems like an odd choice. I did like the padded handles and coin pocket but that isn’t enough to keep using it when literally everything else about it was awkward.

I’m going to return it the next time I am near an Aldi.

I’ve posted this before but this is what I use and will continue to use on my trips to Aldi: bags with reinforced bottoms for regular grocery items and an insulated bag for refrigerated/frozen foods. I keep a Flip and Tumble bag in my purse in case I get more than my regular bags can handle. Most of the produce at Aldi is prepacked but occasionally there is loose fruit and these reusable produce bags work well.

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  1. Heather Moss says:

    I think it would be good for shopping at a store (Giant is the only one I know about) where you scan your items as you take them off the shelf, and the only thing you have to do in the checkout line is pay for them.


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      Yes! That would be a perfect use! Especially if you are not buying too many groceries.



    Love the gro CART bag.The key is KNOWING How To packe the bag.


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