What’s in my Cart? Ad Week 11/8/2017-11/14/2017


We went to different Aldi than my usual one which was interesting (bigger but no refrigerated produce department) and I picked up a couple of things that my store has been running out of lately. We also picked up some items for an event my husband organized.


    • My husband is running a Thanksgiving event with an organization he is on the board of  tomorrow so we bought things for that–5 copper serving utensils at $3.99 each, paper plates ($2.99) 2 boxes of gallon storage bags ($1.99 each) and foil ($1.99) so $28.91 of the total is just for that event, not our regular shopping.
    • One of my favorite Aldi items is the 60% cocoa Baker’s Corner Bittersweet Chips ($1.79). They sell semi-sweet year round but only have the bittersweet chips during the winter holidays. I bought 5 bags to hold me over, they had great expiration dates.
    • I love the Savoritz Six Cracker Assortment ($3.29) for entertaining or when we have what I call “snackies” for dinner–basically cheese, apps, fruit, and charcuterie. One thing to keep in mind–even though the packaging says the tray self-seals, I find they keep much longer in a resealable plastic bag or plastic container so don’t be tempted to leave them in the box after opening.
    • I don’t know if I have seen the Happy Farms Preferred Chipotle Cheddar Cheese ($2.49) before but I picked some up. I thought it might be good for burgers.
    • Pom Wonderful pomegranates were only 79¢/each! I saw them at Safeway for $1.99/each.FZSM2871.JPG
    • Paradise Meadow Cranberries were also on sale for 79¢/12 oz bag. I bought 4 bags, I refrigerated 2 and froze 2 right away. We also went to Trader Joe’s today and they had the same size bag on sale for $2.99.
    • Tons of winter sweets are in stock now. I bought a bag of Winternacht Spekulatius ($1.99). They are good as-is or crumbled to make pie crust.
    • Limes were a good deal at $1.29/1 lb bag. Limes are about $1 a piece at our local grocery and these bags held 6-8 limes each.
    • I LOVE Christmas cactus and last year five(!) died on me for some mysterious reason so I am rebuilding my collection. These were huge and only $3.99. They had several colors to choose from.

I spent $87.02 for 36 items for an average of $2.41 an item. $28.91 of the total was for items for my husband’s event, not groceries or household items. If we didn’t include that, my haul would have been $58.11.

For this week’s meals, I bought 90% lean ground beef ($9.13 for a bit over 2 1/2 lbs, I will probably freeze half), shredded Parmesan ($1.99) and cubed Proscuitto ($2.49), sour cream ($1.19), fresh rosemary ($1.59), Russet potatoes ($2.29/5 lb bag) and onions ($1.49/3 lb bag). I did a big shop last week and I still have some items from that for this coming week and I am ordering a local produce box from my produce delivery service, perhaps the last one of the season.


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