What’s in my Cart? Ad Week 11/1/2017-11/7/2017


I spent a little more than usual this week ($100.82, normally it is a bit under $70) but I bought the new Aldi cart bag ($7.99) and stocked up some other items I needed.  This should cover lunches and dinners for the next week plus items for the freezer and pantry. I bought everything I wanted except for mini cucumbers which they didn’t have.


  • I haven’t tried out the Aldi bag ($7.99) yet but it looks good–it is elasticized on the sides so it will fit most carts and the insulated area is very big! I do worry it will be very heavy to carry when full though. UPDATE: I reviewed the bag here.
  • I picked up 3 bottles of chili sauce because I use it when I make pulled pork (I also bought a ~2.5lb pork butt for $6.97 so I will be using some soon!) and Aldi puts it out in mixed boxes of cocktail sauce and chili sauce and very often, all of the chili sauce is gone leaving only cocktail sauce and that is not the same thing at all! Plus it is 95¢ and a near copy of the Heinz chili sauce I used to buy for about $2.70.
  • I haven’t tried the brioche dinner rolls yet (S3.99) but I like the brioche loaf and hamburger rolls so I am sure I will like them. I’m going to make pulled pork sliders with them. UPDATE: I did make pulled pork sliders (recipe using 100% Aldi ingredients here) with them and liked them a lot. The rolls are not pre-sliced but big enough that sliced, they held a lot of food.
  • The “seasoned stirfry” was Korean BBQ flavored beef that was marked down to $6.84. Normally I don’t buy much in the way of pre-seasoned meat but with my husband in school again, I’ve been more open to shortcuts especially for meat so I can concentrate on the sides. The sell-by date was today (11/3/17, bought on 11/1/17) so I froze it for later use.
  • I bought a bunch of staples like spreadable cream cheese ($1.49), peanut butter ($1.39), fauxtella (What I call Aldi’s hazelnut spread) ($1.99), canned tuna (94¢), 1/2 gallon organic milk ($2.95) and sour cream ($1.19).
  • Slowly planning for the holidays with a box of turkey stock ($1.49) and some poultry seasoning ($1.69). UPDATE: Made turkey, kale and mushroom pie with the stock and seasoning.
  • Bought a pork loin (mesquite), a family pack of ground beef and a family pack of boneless skinless thighs. I will freeze half of each of the family packs and cook the rest for dinner/lunches next week. I normally get the 90% or 93% lean ground beef but they didn’t have family packs of it this week and the 85% was on sale. Update: I used the thighs, carrots and green onions from this shop to make chicken and stars udon soup and the ground beef to make Green Tomato Chili Pie Topped with Chipotle Cotija Cornbread (with cotija cheese and Mexican tomato sauce I bought at Aldi a couple of months ago).
  • Kerrygold Butter is back so I bought a brick for $2.85.
  • Squash was on sale for 39¢/lb so I bought a butternut squash and an acorn squash. Even if I don’t use it this week, it will keep. UPDATE: I made acorn squash pulled pork with it.
  • Saw Mission figs for $1.89 so bought a bag. No clue what I am doing with them but it was a good deal!
  • I love their French Onion Dip (99¢) so I picked some up. I try to resist but it is really tasty.
  • Green onions are 89¢ for a big bag of about 12 stalks. At the regular grocery store, it is at least $1.50 for 3 stalks.
  • No idea what the “Art Eng Collection” item is for $3.49. Anyone know? UPDATE! I’m sure you are dying to know but it was the sage cheddar cheese I bought. I guess it translated to “Artisanal English Collection”? It is sold under the “Specially Selected” brand though.

Beyond all that, I picked up a couple snacks for lunches and some more veggies. Not a bad haul for $100!  I bought 41 items so it averages out to spending only $2.46 per item.


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