Product Love: Choceur Dark Hazelnut Crisp


My husband went to Aldi on his lunch break to take some pictures for me and to pick up the braiser that was on sale (more about the braiser soon!) and of course, he came home with chocolate!

I hadn’t noticed this one before on my weekly trips so I was excited to try it. The ALDI Choceur Dark Hazelnut Crisp ($1.99) also comes in milk chocolate but we are a dark chocolate family so that’s what we tried.  It isn’t one huge bar but 11 individually wrapped bars about the size of a single KitKat finger. Perfect for sharing and keeping the chocolate fresh. Don’t you hate it when you open a big bar of fancy chocolate and have to try to refold the thin foil back over the leftover pieces? This makes it super easy to portion control too.

$1.99 is slightly high for a single candy bar but it quite large at 7.05 oz and has five servings. It is also a more “gourmet” bar and similar bars at Target generally run $3-5.

Now for the most important part, taste! The bar was very smooth and creamy just as the packaging promised. Many semisweet/dark chocolate bars are a bit crisp or bitter but this was just as creamy in texture and flavor as a milk chocolate bar. Inside were bits of hazelnuts and crisped rice. The pieces were small and well-distributed in a chocolate mousse-like filling so you got some of each in each bite. The combination of the chocolate and the hazelnut with the toasty rice flavor made me think of eating Nutella on bread or toast so if you are a Nutella fiend, you will love this candy bar. I could hardly keep myself from eating the whole thing in one sitting.

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