10 Reasons I Love Aldi


1. Rotating international selections. Nearly every other week features foods from other countries like Germany, France, Mexico, Greece, Italy and even Australia! Some of the items even make it into store staples year round. Dark chocolate marzipan? Spaetzle? Cave-aged Transilvanian cheese for $3? Serrano ham for $2.49? Yes, please!


2. Quality, affordable staples. Fire roasted tomatoes ($1.09), sustainable tuna ($1.29), kidney beans (59¢), chocolate chips ($1.49), spices ($3 and under).

3. Organic and gluten-free products are readily available, clearly marked and very affordable.

4. Awesome dairy assortment. Everything from half gallons of organic milk for under $3 to aged Parmesan to gelato to shredded Gruyere cheese.


5. Great chocolates and candy. Lots of dark and milk chocolate, flavored candy bars, gummy candies, caramels at a fraction of other store’s prices. Aldi also carries both house brand candies and national brands like M & Ms and Werther’s.


6. Fresh meat with good dates. Despite not having a meat department or butchers, I’ve always had good luck getting fresh meat and fish with good expiration dates at Aldi. The standard selection is somewhat limited but weekly specials always spark my interest.

7. Holiday products. October brings bratwurst, beer (at locations that sell alcohol) sauerkraut and other Octoberfest staples. The holiday season brings European style cakes and cookies, tons of baking products. Spring means Easter candy and bulbs to plant. Summer is all about grilling and party staples.

8. Garden supplies. Sounds wacky but every spring and fall I stock up on bird seed, bird houses, bird baths, bulbs and various other garden tools and essentials for way less than garden supply centers.

9. Super quick check out and no plastic bags. I admit it, I forget to bring reusable bags all too often and end up getting plastic bags. However, I always remember to bring them on Aldi shopping days because you have bag your own groceries and they charge you for paper or plastic. Plus I can bag my own groceries just the way I like it.

10. I’m cheap. I know there are more fashionable ways to put that but it is true, I love spending less money for the same items I’d buy elsewhere. More money to spend (or save!) elsewhere.

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